Svoris: kg

Akumuliatorinis smūginis veržliasukis HAZET 9212-3

Akumuliatorinis smūginis veržliasukis.

Sukamoji dalis 1/2"
Didžiausias varžto skersmuo M16
Maksimalus sukimo momentas 500Nm
Maksimalus atsukimo momentas 700Nm
Akumuliatorius 18V Li-Ion
Akumuliatoriaus talpa 4.0Ah
Įkrovimo laikas 75min
Svoris su akumuliatoriumi 2.5kg
Komplekte: įkroviklis, 1x4.0Ah akumuliatorius, lagaminas

DRIVE 12.5 MM (1/2 ") 3-PIECE
High efficient brushless motor
Application: For self-sufficient work. 18 V, 4 Ah
Three selectable power stages for torque suit:
approx. 80 Nm at 600 rpm with approx. 1700 beats per minute
approx. 300 Nm at 1400 rpm with approx. 2500 beats per minute
approx. 500 Nm at 2000 rpm Approx. 3400 beats per minute
With illumination of the working area even before movement of the machine
Li-Ion battery with significantly lower self-discharge (only 2%) than conventional NiMH battery (15 - 25%)
Current without load: 5.5 A
Replacement battery: 9212-04
Net weight: 1.857 kg (without battery)
Net Weight Battery: 0.659 kg
Net Weight Charger: 0.66 kg
Net Weight case: 4.352 kg
Dimensions including battery: 204 x 64 x 259 mm
Output: outer square drive 12.5 mm (1/2 ")
Net Weight: 1.86 kg
Li-Ion batteries have no memory effect, consist of cells of 3.6 V and have a higher voltage than 3.6 V, i.e. 5 cells á 3.6 V = 18 V (after full charge a peak voltage of up to 20 V is possible)
For a long life of the battery store this only with 50 - 80% charge
Charger 9212-03 - 9212-04

Technical specifications
Sound power level dB (A) 106
Output profile size 12.5 mm (1/2 ")
Weight g 1857
Vibration m / s² 20.3
Speed ​​rpm 2000
Working torque Nm 500
Torque max. Nm 700
Release torque max. Nm 700
Sound pressure level dB (A) 99.4
Output profile External square
Screw size max. M16
EAN 4000896203444